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We are all creating our lives every day whether we are conscious of it or not.  Our sexuality is a vital part of our creative energy.  Whether we are sexually active or not,  it is important to clear out the energetic junk surrounding our sexuality so that we can create the lives we want.  Our sexuality is at the core of who we are as human beings on this earth.  We can only express our sexuality (who we are) by being in physical bodies.  Our sexuality allows us to be co-creators with the Divine, and not just by having babies.  When we have trapped emotions, trauma and stuck energy surrounding our sexuality, not only does it limit our ability to have healthy orgasms and connect with our sexual partner, it also limits our ability to create desirable things in life.  The reason sexual trauma is so devestating and can be so life changing is because it attacks our very identity, our deepest feelings about who we are and whether we belong in this world.  Because of this is it can create lifelong shame and guilt which are the lowest vibrating emotions.  Healing our sexuality can produce the most life changing results!  Those with the courage to address and heal their sexual natures will be richly rewarded!

Master Energy Healer Sharen Larson, will lead a group energy work session via a conference call, using multiple modalities, including BodyTalk, Thetahealing Technique, Emotion Code and many other modalities.  She will tap it in using BodyTalk tapping (Head, Heart and Gut Brain).   You can dedicate as much or little time as you want but all the hard work is done for you!  Whether you listen to the call or not, you can choose to tap it in yourself at  a later time, either by listening to the recording or simply reading the summary and tapping.  It will be highly effective and transformational no matter what.

In our energy systems, our root chakra and sacral chakra are both associated with our sexuality and our sexual organs.  Our root chakra is what allows us to feel grounded and that we belong in this world and are part of a community or tribe.  If our root chakra is open and healthy and happy, we feel at home anywhere on earth, and we are able to meet our basic needs for survival, and amass resources for the future ( for example money).  Our sacral chakra is a major source of our creativity, not just sexuality.  When it is open and healthy and happy, we create freely and feel connected and relate in a healthy way to others around us. 

Our sexuality is also intimately connected to our kundalini energy.  Kundalini energy charges us with life force, charging our creative bodies, giving us more power to create.  Sexual activity (done in a specific way) with a loving, adoring, partner is one of the main ways we stimulate that Kundalini energy. Another way is to use specific breathing techniques alone.  

Did you know that if both partners are energetically clear and prepared, connection at the level of all 7 major chakras is possible during sexual intercourse?  This in conjuntion with the kundalini energy rising can create a powerful sexual experience allowing both partners to feel connected to divine and enter a state of intense ecstasy!  A worthy goal to work towards!

Please join me each month in healing your sexuality and everything relating to it.  Guaranteed to be transformational and life changing!

This monthly call is 
extremely affordable at $25 a month.  I want to make sure everyone can afford to make steady progress in clearing their energetic "stuff", consciously creating their life, and increasing their level of consciousness and vibration!  This is my passion and my purpose!
Turbo Charge your transformation in 2019

This is your opportunity to Turbo Charge your transformation in 2019 by joining Master Energy Healer, Sharen Larson, in a transformational journey to heal whatever is important to you in the area of sexuality each month.  This is a proven formula for transforming your life by setting your intentions and clearing the way for them to manifest for your highest and best good.

Turbo charge your progress by doing all 3 monthly calls for only $65(Save $10)!!!    Get even more support and clear even more energetic garbage by getting a daily "formula", or mini-session (6 days per week) in your e-mail ($30/month) .  Get all 3 monthly calls PLUS the daily E-mails for ONLY $99 each month - all for LESS $ than a 90 minute energy work session!

Purchase a yearly subscription for $660.  This includes:

  • All 3 Group Calls

  • AND the Daily Consciousness Emails which contain mini daily sessions FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR!!!

  •   The equivalent of 7 full sessions monthly for less than $56 each month!!!

  • PLUS a BONUS (1) 90 minute Ashiatsu Massage or Energy Work Session to be used during the Year!

​Please join Master Energy Healer, Sharen Larson in a transformational journey by subscribing to one of the following options:


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Transform Your Life Package 30 Day Trial