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We are always creating our lives whether we realize it or not.  Our subconscious programming and emotional state really pack the punch when determining what we attract into our lives.  We are here to learn to create and our relationships have a direct bearing on our ability to attract to ourselves what we want.  Our relationships with others, romantic and otherwise are mirrors to ourselves, letting us know constantly what we are pulling into our reality.

Heal Relationships - Heal your life

The monthly Relationship Healing Call is designed to heal all the energy around our relationships in life and provide a powerful conduit to raising our level of consciousness and the way we relate to others.  Heal your life through healing your relationships!   Enjoy more open, loving, mutually satisfying relationships with your children, friends, family and significant other.  Grow your compassion and heal the trauma of past and present relationships. 



Master Energy Healer Sharen Larson, will lead a group energy work session via a conference call, using multiple modalities, including BodyTalk, Thetahealing Technique, Emotion Code and many other modalities.  She will tap it in using BodyTalk tapping (Head, Heart and Gut Brains).   You can dedicate as much or little time as you want but all the hard work is done for you.  Whether you listen to the call or not, you can choose to tap it in yourself at  a later time, either by listening to the recording or simply reading the summary.  It will be highly effective and transformational no matter what.

Remove heart walls that are preventing you from sending out and receiving love.   Let go of energetic cording.  Clear the chakra lines between you and other people.  Set up the pathway for unconditional love to flow between you and your loved ones.  Release trapped emotions around relationships.  Remove False beliefs surrounding relationships.  Heal ancestral lines that may be affecting your ability to relate and give and receive unconditional love.  All this can be done for relationships with those who are still living and those who have passed to the other side.  Heal past lives that are currently affecting the way you relate to family and friends.  Open up and unblock the intuitive pathways to receive more inspiration in regard to loved ones.  

This monthly call is extremely affordable at $25 a month.  I want to make sure everyone can afford to make steady progress in clearing their energetic "stuff", consciously creating their life, and increasing their level of consciousness and vibration!  This is my passion and my purpose!

Turbo Charge your transformation in 2019

This is your opportunity to Turbo Charge your transformation in 2019 by joining Master Energy Healer, Sharen Larson in a transformational journey to heal whatever is important to you in the area of relationships each month.  This is a proven formula for transforming your life by setting your intentions and clearing the way for them to manifest for your highest and best good.

Turbo charge your progress by doing all 3 monthly calls for only $65(Save $10)!!!    Get even more support and clear even more energetic garbage by getting a daily "formula", or mini-session (6 days per week) in your e-mail ($25/month) .  Get all 3 monthly calls PLUS the daily E-mails for ONLY $99 each month - all for LESS $ than a 90 minute energy work session!

Purchase a yearly subscription for $660.  This includes:

  •  All 3 Group Calls
  • AND the Daily Consciousness Emails which contain mini daily sessions FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR!!!​
  •  The equivalent of 7 full sessions for less than $56 each month!!!
  • PLUS a BONUS (1) 90 MInute Ashiatsu Massage or Energy Work Session to be used during the year

Please join Master Energy Healer, Sharen Larson in a transformational journey by subscribing to one of the following options:

Transform Your Life Package 30 Day Trial

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Transform Your Life Package 30 Day Trial

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​Group Relationship Healing Call

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